Who are you?

Code Poet and Database Architect

I am a Python & PHP developer and a mySQL & pSQL administrator. I have a special love for working with databases, I even make them in my spare time. Seriously, no joke! I work heavily with Google Cloud Platform, and specialize in WordPress development and API integrations.

Writer and Entrepreneur

A writer is just a person who writes all the time, and an entrepreneur is nothing more than a person trying to start a business on their own. A measure of success really isn’t a requirement at all in order to carry either one as a title, but we’ll wait and see how things go before drawing any conclusions on that matter.

Space Pirate and Battle Bard

Find me in EVE Online as CEO of the Phantom Regiment Corporation, now recruiting new members for wormhole exploration. I am also known as Bardlord Lutemaster, founder of the Bards Guild – now with over 600 Mordhau and Rust players as members, and a library of thousands of MIDI files.

What do you do?

WordPress as a Service

I sell cloud hosted services to make it easier for anyone to get their product, service, or idea organized and presented on the internet. I can keep these services so affordable by powering most of my services with WordPress!

Honest Blog Reviews

I write review articles and how-to guides about things that interest me or are relevant to me, and post them on my blog to share with the internet under no other influence but my own opinion. I hate ad influenced content.

Hardcore Casual Gaming

I enjoy playing games and making music in my spare time, and particularly enjoy when the two hobbies intersect! I have a Youtube channel where I will sometimes post new gameplay videos or song covers to an intimate audience.

Why do you do it?

The Spirit of Open Source Software

WordPress is free software, but there are many companies charging for ridiculously expensive products built on top of it. I hope to prove that it is possible to offer complete hosted WordPress powered services for less than what some companies are charging just for their WordPress plugins!

Journalistic Integrity

Too many blogs exist strictly to stuff affiliate links and cram SEO keywords while displaying as many ads as possible. I believe Content is King, and my blog posts will always be focused on presenting the content to the reader in the best manner possible, free from ads or product placement.

Building Online Communities

I believe it is important for one’s mental health and well-being to find time to relax and have fun sometimes! I enjoy exploring new genres of music, and playing games in atypical ways with my spare time. But the best experiences in music and gaming both always come from playing with others!

How can I help?

Order a CloudPress website

If you happen to be part of a business or organization in need of web based services, I would appreciate your consideration of a CloudPress subscription as a possible solution.

Share My Content

Please feel free to share any blog posts or videos you find interesting or entertaining, since I don’t participate in most social media networks and won’t be sharing them there myself!

Join My Patreon

If you appreciate any of the things that I am working on and would like to help me to continue doing what I do, you could always toss a dollar at my Patreon page to show your support.